Adult Protective Services

Previously called Senior Protective Services.

I feel 100% safer. I really appreciate the dignity I felt. My health was endangered by my living situation. The caseworker came with several possibilities and within 2 months I was in a safe environment.


Senior Resource Center
Phone: 217-352-5100

Break the Silence. Report abuse. It is everyone’s problem.

Eligibility: Age 60 or older or age 18-59 with a disability; living in a home setting

Service Area: Champaign and Piatt Counties

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. We need to have control of our own money and personal decisions. We deserve to live without fear or intimidation.

When that doesn’t happen for people living in their own homes (or someone else’s home) in Champaign County or Piatt County, the Adult Protective Services staff may be able to help.

Abuse can be physical, sexual, or emotional abuse; passive neglect; willful deprivation; or financial exploitation by someone with whom the adult has an on-going relationship. Suspected abuse can be reported by the person feeling abused or by anyone else with an interest in the person’s welfare. We can accept anonymous reports.

Staff will investigate all allegations received. If abuse is substantiated, staff can provide an in-home assessment, counseling, advocacy, practical assistance in obtaining benefits and services, coordination with other agencies, and monitoring.

To report concerns about treatment of older adults in nursing homes and other licensed facilities, please call the Ombudsman at 1-309-829-6018

To report concerns about treatment of adults with disabilities living in licensed facilities, please call the Office of Inspector General at 800-368-1463.

Fees: None
Intake Process: In order to report suspected abuse, call 217-352-5100. After hours or for those who do not live in Champaign or Piatt counties call 1-866-800-1409