Children First

Gave great ideas on how to move toward a positive co-parenting role.- From a client survey

Phone: 217-352-0099

Eligibility: Parents with children younger than age 18 who are divorcing or resolving custody and visitation disputes

Service Area: Champaign County

If you are a divorcing or separating parent, Children First gives you the opportunity to learn about and discuss how that family change will impact your child. With the assistance of DVDs and moderated group discussions, you will learn ways to minimize the negative effects to your child. Particular focus is given to making you aware of the ways your children may express their reactions to the changing family structure. Increased awareness can improve your ability to assist your child’s transition. Call to register for evening or Saturday classes.

Fees: Sliding scale [Download printable fee schedule (PDF)]
Intake Process: Call to schedule for class
Class Registration Hours: Call Monday-Friday between 12 and 5 pm to register