Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Caregiver is the best—she has listened when no one else would—she has provided us with help that has made raising our grandson easier financially and otherwise.  I think of her as a friend.- From a client survey. 

Senior Resource Center
Phone: 217-352-5100

Eligibility: Adults raising relatives age 18 or younger
Service Area: Champaign and Piatt Counties

If you are one of more than 100,000 grandparents in Illinois raising your grandchildren, you know the changes to your own life and finances that have occurred.

Sometimes, what you don’t know is what to do or where to turn to provide these children the best care possible.

The Caregiver Advisor can help.  She can provide information, assistance accessing services or benefits, advocacy to get those services properly in place, education or training on issues important to you or your grandchildren, and support to help you through this time in your life.

If you are an aunt, uncle, or other adult raising the children of a relative, you qualify for these support services as well.

You are offering these children a great gift.  It is our pleasure to help you access the supports that exist to help you do just that.

Fees: Donations are gratefully accepted.  There is no fee to the grandparent (or other relative).
Intake Process: Call the Caregiver Advisor.   She can discuss our services with you and can schedule a consultation in the office or at your home.