Senior Counseling and Advocacy

As a senior, fear is an emotion we face each day.  If we have no family here, it is definitely worse.  The caseworker was so helpful and made me feel I was not alone. -Comment from a client survey.

Senior Resource Center
Phone: 217-352-5100

Eligibility: Age 60 or older
Service Area: Champaign County

Have you ever wished someone could tell you if you are eligible for Illinois Cares Rx or the Senior Homestead Tax Exemption?

Have you ever wished someone who knows the ropes could go with you to an appointment?

Have you ever wondered who could help you know the right questions to ask to decide which Meidcare Part D plan is right for you?

Have you ever wished there was some way to stretch your food dollars or your medical dollars?

Whether you have a quick question or need help to get a service or benefit started, our caseworkers can help you with all those things and much more.  Some things can be handled quickly over the phone.  But, the caseworkers are also available to meet with you in your home to answer your questions, let you know what benefits and programs might be of interest to you and, if you like, help you through the process.

They are also very familiar with the struggles and changes that we go through as we age.  Loss, changes in responsibilities and activity, the limitations caused by changing health, moving from a long-time home–these are just some of the changes we all face as we age.  Our caseworkers can offer support, direction, and encouragement.  If necessary, they can make a referral to a qualified counselor for more serious issues of depression or anxiety.

Most of us don’t think about all these things until we need them.  Let our experienced staff help you find the right answers for you.

Fees: Donations are gratefully accepted.  There is no fee.

Intake Process:  Call for information or to schedule a home visit.