Senior Transportation

All of your volunteers have been wonderful to me and also the coordinator who makes the arrangements for us.  If it wasn’t for you all, I would be housebound.-  Comment from a client survey.

Senior Resource Center
Phone: 217-352-5100

Eligibility: Age 60 or older

Service Area: Champaign County

Driving is a major part of our society. We’re so used to just getting in the car whenever we want to and going where we need to go. But, sometimes it’s just not safe to drive any longer due to arthritis, slower reflexes, poor eye sight, or other physical problems. Sometimes we’re just not comfortable driving any longer. And sometimes, we decide that it is just too expensive to keep up a car, licenses, and insurance any longer.

It can be scary. How will you get where you need to go? Will you have to depend on family and friends more than you would like?

In Champaign County, older adults have an alternative. Senior Transportation can provide you a ride every week. Although primarily for medical, business, and grocery trips, your ride can also be for something that improves your quality of life–a hair appointment, going to a volunteer site, visiting a spouse in the nursing home, or going shopping to name a few possibilities.

Rides are provided by our exceptional group of volunteers whenever possible. These volunteer rides are provided at no cost to you. We can also provide cab rides for which we pay half the fare. If you have an MTD Dash Pass, it will cover the other half of the cost (up to a certain amount per year) or you can pay that half out of your own pocket. If you need help getting a Dash Pass, our Senior Counseling and Advocacy staff will be glad to help you get one.

Stay safe.  Save money.  Ride with us.

Fees: Donations gladly accepted; volunteer rides provided at no cost; see above for cab fare fees

Intake Process: Call the Senior Transportation Coordinator for more information or to register